75% of NZs population is on Social Media, are you talking to them?

As business owners, we tend to neglect our marketing commitments but how can you ignore a channel that taps into 75% of our population in New Zealand.

More specifically, as of January 2021 there were 3.8 million active New Zealand users on Facebook alone. New Zealanders are the 8th largest user of Social media, even greater than our neighbours in Australia who rank 12th.

More people are using Facebook. So my crazy question is, what is your business doing to get in front of those Kiwi’s that could be experiencing your product or service?

It is simple, let’s start with the first step, actually posting content. Not just any content, something that is relevant to your business or service. When working with clients, we find defining what matters to their business and the stories that they want to share and what doesn’t need sharing when it comes to content. Developing a plan to take the pain away from not knowing what to post is one step we use when helping clients defining what to share.

Once you know what to post, then you need to know how frequent to post as this is quite often a common question. Many business owners don’t want to bombard their audience but in reality, your post rarely gets seen by all your followers at any given time. The Facebook algorithm, it will be lucky if 10% of your followers see what you do on Facebook unless you boost a post.

A recent survey by Hubspot showed that the best frequency for Facebook Accounts holding 10,000 and less followers is three times a week. Knowing this takes away the expectation of posting daily but some still find that to be too much of a commitment.

Instead, we suggest that if posting to Facebook gives you heart palpitations, then find what works for you, be it once or twice a week but the key is to be consistent.

An in-active facebook page is just as bad as an outdated website. It is a reflection of how you do business and in our industry, tourism, people want to know that you are onto it and are a good operator as well as a good marketer.

Therefore, before you think twice about neglecting your Facebook page, remember, there are more New Zealanders on Facebook than those that buy newspapers.

Source: Digital 2020

October 5, 2020