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Our Story

Just like you, we started where you started. It was scary, it was a big leap of faith but after lots of procrastination, we did it. Focusing our energies on what we love most and could see ourselves doing for a long time, working in and supporting the tourism industry. We live it, we breathe it and we want to help others succeed in it.

Back in 2015, we started the company because we could see that there was a gap in the market for representation. We had sat through countless PowerPoint presentations of Sales & Marketing Managers and realised we were only ever seeing the same businesses. It seemed to us that only the big players could afford to have someone representing them offshore.

We thought, what about the 100’s of smaller tourism operators around Australia & New Zealand that offer similar, if not better experiences than that of the big players. Why should they miss out?

It was then our mission to find a way to give those smaller players a voice, helping them break down the complicated barriers of tourism and therefore give them a platform that they would be noticed in.

Before we started, we deliberated on what would be our point of difference? We knew how the Inbound / Wholesale market worked. We know that not all products meet the needs of all trade channels, especially where the big players walked. Our mission became to change habits so that the little operators could be heard.

It wasn’t long before we had a small suite of Owner Operators that we were working with, sharpening their tools so they were talking the same language as the inbound network.

In our short time, our relationships have grown and evolved, with some of our clients expanding their required services to not only Market Representation but to business/marketing strategies and mentoring.

In 2019 we established a base in New Zealand, where we cemented a relationship with Destination Marlborough delivering content around product development in a series of workshops. Then Covid hit and we decided to diversify what we do by extending out into mentoring and upskilling for Tourism Operators.

There is no denying it, as a business we are passionate about the art of collaborating and being a powerful tool in tourism, be that through face-to-face networking or digitally through social platforms. Understanding how we all provide our own part of the greater tourism masterpiece and developing your unique section of work to add to it is the fun part.

Allow us to share our knowledge with you and help your business grow.

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