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Needing a little more support? Struggling with your business and don’t know where to turn? This is not a uncommon feeling for small businesses. The ability to talk to someone that understands the ups and downs of running their own business, the challenges you face and navigating the path forward can feel daunting.

At Directional Marketing, we have worked with businesses through some of the most challenging times. Offering support, direction and a clear way forward. Our mentoring is designed to help you grow by providing you individual support. In our mentor sessions, we work through what is important to you and the gaps needed for you to be successful in what you do. Then we map our A plan that allows us to keep you accountable, allowing you to achieve your goal.

Ripples Retreat

“Tracey has a wealth of knowledge about tourism, marketing and social media. She was made a real difference to Ripples Retreat, which we opened in the 2020 Covid year when all marketing decisions were critical. I would highly recommend Directional Marketing”

As a business owner, when you reach out for support we want you to make the most of our time and getting you back on the road of success. The biggest challenge is taking that first step in asking for help and identifying that now is the time.

If you are registered with the Regional Business Network Program, to help you with your decision process, you can apply for funding of up to 50%.

What to expect from mentoring sessions

When considering a mentor it is important that you find the right fit for you. As each mentor will have your best interest at heart, if you don’t feel comfortable or relate with your mentor then not much is going to be achieved with your time.

Starting out in the discovery stage, we hold a 3o min consult to understand your needs and if we are the right feet. At the end of the day, we both need to be comfortable working with each other as information will be shared about your business that isn’t public knowledge.

If we are the right fit for you, we kick off our mentoring with phase one

Phase One – Discovery

It is here we take from our initial consult and we determine the core gaps, the key objectives and the direction we will take with the time we spend together with business goals. These initial mentor sessions are 2 hours and delivered either in person or via zoom. You will be provided  with a link to our sessions, any shared documents and session notes.

Phase Two – Learning

We have identified the skill gaps and objectives, it is now time to move into the learning stage where we build on our current knowledge so you have the tools to meet your business goals. This learning may occur in your mentor sessions or be an external learning that you are being held accountable to, in order to achieve completion.

Phase Three – Execution

Once a new skill has been learnt, it is all about executing and being guided through this processes.  As each step is executed, we reflect on the performance to ensure we are staying align with our business goals.

Phase Four – Measurement

Success can only be determined by the benchmark that was set before commencing the journey. We take time to reflect on the journey, the growth and reassess the direction.

Mentor Packages 

If you are interested in our mentor services then get in contact as we recommend when starting out that you commit to a minimum of 5 x 1 hour mentoring sessions. This enables us to understand your individual needs and the objectives of your business and lay out an action plan.

Mentoring is eligible for RBPN funding through NZTE where 50% subsidy is available to those that are approved.


All businesses are different, which means the support you need is different. Sometimes we can’t sum up the unique problems you have in your business by matching you to a particular course.

The benefits of mentoring is you can talk through a broad range of issues and concerns you may have for your business or role. Then it is from here we work with you to successfully navigate your way forward, creating clear visions and structure to achieve your business objectives.

Our mentor program’s are exclusively one on one and are either delivered in person or by ZOOM. Meeting regularly to ensure YOU stay on track with your objectives and clear on your deliverables to make a positive impact to your business.