• Marketing Support


Marketing Support

Marketing isn’t just about a brochure anymore. Nowadays, it’s all about the internet and how your brand fits into that world of marketing. If you’re having trouble with where to start or need more direction on what type of message best suits your business while also being marketable in today’s digital era, then Directional Marketing is for you! With their tailored approach they are able to help small businesses like yours by providing them resources so as not get overwhelmed with this new form of marketing.


At the end of the day the perception of your brand is determined by how visible you are, how you present yourself on each platform and how you respond to your customers experience. A marketing strategy can add perspective to the holistic realm of what we call marketing and the expectations of consumers regarding how they want you as a business to show up for them.

Marketing Support

Provides you clarity and direction as to where you are needing to take your business so you can attract more customers. A plan can be developed for you to execute, or alternatively, we work with you to deploy.

  • Defining your audience and where to find them
  • Understanding your competitive landscape
  • Developing key messaging that helps you stand out
  • Defining distribution channels and how to communicate to them