• Market Representation


Market Representation

Directional was established by Tracey Green in 2015, with the primary objective of assisting tourism businesses. Identifying the best direction to set forth on, in order for your business to thrive in this complex industry. We recognise finding the right ‘people power’ presents a major challenge for many tourism businesses. Time and budgets may be tight but getting your business in front of tourism wholesalers, inbound tour operators and agencies is critically important.

The use of freelancers is a growing trend amongst businesses of all sizes. Engaging the specialist services of highly skilled, experienced, and motivated self-employed professionals to achieve business goals. Engaging the services of Directional costs only a portion of a full-time salary of a permanent employee within the same field and provides you with highly skilled people to help grow your business.

We assume the role of your sales personnel and reduce the potential risks involved with employing permanent staff. Powered with the necessary tools, we represent your business to your markets. Engaging us, as experts in this field, our expertise spans sales, marketing, product development, operations, financial management and public relations. When you engage us, you engage a team that understands tourism, has a wealth of experience and respected and long-standing relationships with the people and companies that purchase your product – we think it’s a no-brainer.