• Online Branding

Your online branding is key to your business success 

Whatever your tourism business is, without an easy, identifiable brand element to encapsulate it all, there is a high chance your business will slip past most modern digital audiences.

Your online brand goes deeper than just a logo, defining how you want your business to be seen and experienced from images to text to social media. This means consistency across all digital touch points that you showcase your business via.

Digital Marketing today often centres around your business social media messaging which can often differ from your website.

Consistency in messaging and tone of voice across all digital channels is the key. Whilst different social channels will attract different audiences, your business values and what you stand for shouldn’t differ.

Many business fail to keep up with all the digital touch points and instead of trying to be everywhere, focus on one social channel and your website first before expanding. This will give you a chance to control your messaging and manage your content.

Too often, small tourism business take on too much which ends up with nothing getting done at all as it becomes overwhelming.

Start slow, critique your message and work with the digital channels you feel comfortable with.

October 5, 2020