Lockdown is a time to be proactive and plan ahead

Lockdown is a time to be proactive and plan ahead. It’s easy for small businesses, especially tourism operators, to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of running their business that they often forget about the long term effects of these decisions. The best thing you can do during lockdown is take some time out of your day and think about how your regular tasks will impact your business in the future.

In this blog post I’ll provide 5 topics to consider during lockdown for your tourism business while also making sure not to neglect your responsibilities as an employee or employer.

Lockdown isn’t always fun but if we all work together it can make all the difference!


What do I need to be doing right now?


  1. Looking at your finances

    – how will this lockdown affect the business financially, what steps can you take to mitigate the loss? Looking at your profit and loss to determine where you can tighten the built is a great exercise to do anyway but more important in times of downturn.

  2. Consider how your cash flow has changed and adjust accordingly

    – We know that there is no trading during lockdown but what forwards do you have that you can count on and what marketing can you do to get numbers back through the doors.

  3. Update your website and social media pages – so prospective guests and past can stay engaged with your tourism business. Add new photos, write blogs on your website, keep content fresh so the algorithms prioritise your businesses content.
  4. Start thinking about ways that you can get more customers

           like through social media or advertising. Now is a perfect time to start planning how you will promote your business once       we are out of Lockdown. Take the time to revaluate your target market, where they are located and how you can best attract them.

  1. Communicate with your employees

    – being open and transparent about what is going on and how you envisage navigating through the lockdown is important. Nobody wants to know they may be out of a job but being transparency is the key, clear, simple communication explaining why things need to be the way they need to be. If you have a good team they will be happy to weather the storm than lose their jobs.


We know this is a challenging time for your business. It’s not always easy to make the tough decisions that may be necessary during these uncertain times, but we can help by providing you with support and guidance as you navigate through it. Lockdown is a time to be proactive and plan ahead so that when things do turn around, you are ready to take advantage of new opportunities. Our experts will work side-by-side with yours in order to develop an actionable gameplan for success down the line – one which considers every angle from marketing strategy, customer acquisition, employee engagement or financial management. What has been your experience navigating through lockdown? Leave us a comment below!

August 24, 2021