• Comparing businesses

Why can’t people tell the differences between two businesses !

Quite often, owners are so focused on the running of their business that they forget to share with their audience their points of difference.

As time goes on it only makes it harder because you then take for granted your uniqueness and forget how to amplify your key message.

Owners are so aligned with their business that they feel to promote what they do is promoting themselves. They often tell us that they hate promoting themselves, they love what they do but don’t want to be front and centre.

This is where owners need to emotionally detach from their business so that they can successfully promote it and talk about the offerings. If they had the ability to have a marketing manager that would help separate that connection and successfully promote their business.

When businesses are small and the role of marketing manager, sales, accountant and HR all fulls under the owners……things don’t get actioned as other parts of the business take priority.

Prioritising the importance within your business so your business can continue to strive is part of what we do. It is easy to get lost in your own business, and easier to get lost by your audience.

Start talking about what you do today!

May 27, 2021